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MyCN Technology Management Sdn Bhd is a customer management service providers. Our philosophy is "customer comes first". Our business model are bespoke hence we can guarantee that all our clients will enjoy the best services and experiences from us.

Our company was established by a team of professional managers formerly working in IT industry with majority interact with sensitivity Data to be processes. The objective to provide effective solutions to meet your demands in end result. This would allow you to better deploy your resources in core business activity.

Computer Programming and Office Automation

Our software and system engineers in this division will see to your business process requirements and propose a suitable computerised control system or an automated solution to manage your data capturing, record retrieving, data classification, record imaging, inventory management and control, and E- communications with your business partners.

The Benefit of

The Benefit of

Cost Effeciency

Cost saving on and training, focus yourmanpower funds in your main core business.


Our experienced team guaranteed that all the enquiries are handled tip-top so that allowing you to focus and strengthen on own core business to enhance business competitiveness.

Systematic administration

By using our services, all enquiries will be handle effectively and efficiently. This reduces customer churn rate and ensures high-quality services provide to users with high reliability and high security.

Enhance users' experiences

We have an expertise in customer care services and can get the most out of customer relationships through highly skilled agents and methodologies to help build your brand image and retain your customers.

Our Advantages

  • We have a team of trained professional programmers to transform and realise your ideas to reality.
  • We use the creative application of technology to help brands and businesses grow, work more efficiently, and connect with their customers on personal level.
Fully Customised Design & Functionality
  • Create your own fully-customized mobile application or system that allows suit to your business needs.
  • Our team may also provide you with professional advice on the design and functionality that give you greater user experience.
Professional Consultation
  • Our solutions consultant will work closely with our software client to gather requirements and translate them into functional specifications.
  • Our consultant is easy to reach and always ready to listen to your needs. Simply put, our job is to make yours easier.
Cloud Technology
  • We operate via real-time cloud database system where all the data will be communicated to all customer service personnel and our client instantly.
  • Enables our client and customer service personnel to track and update data in order to provide accurate troubleshooting and handle all enquiries in the most efficient way.

Our Core Services

Custom Software Development
  • We have an intimate understanding of the technological challenges enterprise clients face.
  • Whether you’ve outgrown the customizations of a pre-built platform--or the entire platform itself.
E-Commerce / Shopping Cart
  • We have a proven track record of successfully help regional brands and independent retailers drastically increase their sales through online stores.
  • Best of all, it's integrated with major local online payment gateways such as Ipay88, MOLPay and PayPal.
Mobile App Development
  • You won’t have to worry about neglecting iPhone users just because your app is built on Android.
  • While our team is perfectly capable of native app development (creating apps specifically for one system), they’re also skilled at putting hybrid apps that work on both platforms.
  • Deliver the value your customers deserve, no matter their phone choice.
Corporate Website Design
  • A Content Management System (CMS) allows website administrators to easily update company information.
Server Maintenance & Support
  • Server monitoring and ensure optimal system performance.

Other Services

Other Services

Flexible hours

As our services are bespoke, we are able to tailor our customer service personnel working hours to suit your company's needs.

Informative Promotion/Product Information

We will keep your customers up to date with all the current and future promotions/product information of your company.

Live Chat

Clientale will be connected via live chat function where they will receive instant responses.

All enquiries and responses will be automatically stored into our cloud database for further action or references.

Automated live chat ticket response system will be activated during non-working hours and immediate follow up when agents online.

Email Services

Email responding services whereby we will respond to your customers on your behalf.

Automated email response system will be activated during non-working hours.

We have the infrastructure and systems in place to facilitate email blast for promotions and/or notices to your customers.

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